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Gynecologic Reconstruction: Expert surgical solutions
with outstanding results.

Minnesota Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology

Common Symptoms & Concerns

The reasons women seek gynecologic reconstruction are unique to each individual. We are here to listen and to make the best recommendation to you depending on your condition and your desired outcome. Women come to us with these kinds of concerns:

  • Physical damage or scarring from childbirth or traumatic injury

  • Scar tissue at the vaginal opening or perineum

  • Inability to achieve orgasm

  • Non-intact hymen

  • Intimate concerns for cultural or religious reasons

  • Symptoms and conditions related to FGM and related procedures (see FGM page here)



What makes our care exceptional

Dr. Ashford is a board-certified gynecologist and urogynecologist with extensive surgical experience. For many years, he has been performing precise surgical repairs on women of all ages. His superb training and experience combined with a gift for aesthetic surgical outcomes makes him the ideal choice for women seeking pelvic reconstruction.

Dr. Ashford's approach to all intimate concerns is to listen first and provide consultation and recommendations without judgement. His patients always appreciate his calm, thoughtful demeanor.

Goals: Gynecologic

  • Improved sexual self-esteem and confidence

  • Repair of physical damage

  • Improved sexual functioning and satisfaction

  • Elimination of cultural or religious stigmas

  • Emotional healing

Dr. Ashford has extensive experience with reconstruction related to FGM.
Information on these procedures, including clitoral reconstruction, is available here.

FGM Reconstruction  > >

Questions? Wondering what's right for you?

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What Our Patients Say About Dr. Ashford

"Dr. Ashford is an exceptional doctor with an excellent bedside manner. As a female looking for vaginal rejuvenation after three pregnancies, the thought of being examined by any doctor made me anxious. However, Dr. Ashford has such a calm & caring bedside manner that he quickly put my worries at ease, and I was able to open up with all my concerns with his genuine interest in my overall health."

- Patient - Posted at RealSelf

"I could not have asked for a better surgeon or care team."

- B. - Patient

"Dr. Ashford and his entire staff are outstanding! I just had surgery and couldn't be more impressed about the care and compassion I received from Dr. Ashford. He really took time to listen to my concerns, answered all my questions and was great at informing me about my options. "

- S. - Patient

"A huge thank you to Dr. Ashford for the last surgery to remove scar tissue that was messing things up and causing me pain everyday. I am now back to myself - feeling great & active - and no pain!!"

- E.A. - Patient

"My experience with Dr. Ashford has been absolutely amazing. I've seen many physicians for my problem and this is the first time I feel that someone has listened and offered options/solutions versus being dismissive. I feel like I'm finely on the right path. I would highly recommend Dr. Ashford!"

- Anon - Patient

"Dr. Ashford was very thorough and listened to my concerns. Dr. Ashford explained all my options and made me feel comfortable. He asked if I had any questions and took the time to answer them."

- A.D. - Patient

"Dr. Ashford is the best! Being a doctor that is both a gynecologist and an urologist he has been able to help me solve all of my issues, not just some of them. Even when I was questioning what was going on, he has remained calm and has always had a plan. He also has explained everything in a way that I could understand."

- Anon - Patient - RateMDs.com

"I recently had surgery performed by Dr Ashford. I was extremely impressed with his level of competence and caring throughout the process. I totally trusted him,the surgery was a total success at this point with followup appointments scheduled to make sure I have healed correctly. He is an exceptional surgeon who cares personally about each of his patients. I definitely recommend Dr Ashford to any women with pelvic issues."

- Marilyn - Patient

"Dr. Ashford was very comprehensive in his treatment plan options, and came up with a plan tailored to my needs. It's a great practice, and I feel like I'm getting access to a team with excellent knowledge."

- J.C. - Patient

"Doctor Ashford and his staff gave me my life back and I would recommend them to anyone dealing with OBGYN needs. He worked with me for many months and really listened to and understood me, he also personally preformed surgery on me in April."

- M.A. - Patient