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Most often, the term "labiaplasty" refers to a procedure used to reduce and even out the inner lips - labia minora - of the exterior female genitalia. The women who request this procedure are uncomfortable with the size of the labia minora, their non-symmetrical appearance, length, or discoloration. 

Why women consider Labiaplasty

  • Discomfort with the size, length,  non-symmetrical appearance, length, or discolorationof the labia minora
  • Discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • Embarrassment or discomfort wearing exercise clothing and other tight garments
  • Discomfort during certain kinds of physical exercise

About Labiaplasty

Reasons why women want labiaplasty

When women experience discomfort during sexual intercourse, embarrassment, discomfort wearing exercise clothing and other tight garments, and during certain kinds of physical exercise because of the size or shape of the labia, they may seek labiaplasty. Typically, they come to Dr. Ashford to "trim" the labia minora for a more "tucked up" appearance - so their labia minora will not extend beyond the labia majora (outer lips).Depending on the desired outcome, the labiaplasty procedure can be used to reduce the size of the labia, reshape the labia for a more even appearance, and repair the effects of aging and childbirth. 

Are there any medical considerations?

With aging, childbirth, chronic infection and time, labia minora may become elongated. Some women are born with enlarged labia tissues. Any dramatic change in the size of any aspect of your body should be evaluated. There are some medical conditions like a herniation through the “Canal of Nuck”, lymphoceles or tumors of labial tissues that can present with enlargement. These should not be overlooked and a medical evaluation should be sought out. Most labia enlargement is normal.

Is there a "normal" labia?

No! Outside of medical conditions, there is no such thing as an abnormal labia. Just as some women have enlarged noses, some have enlarged labia. Reduction of this is a matter of preference and choice. Dr. Ashford respects a women’s desire or choice to change this area of her body just as she could her nose, breast or other area.

Before and After: Labiaplasty performed by Dr. Ashford