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Post Caesarean Scar Apron

The Post-Caesearean Scar "Apron" refers to the fold of abdonimal tissues that falls over a C-Section scar like an "apron."

About the Post Cesarean Scar Apron

caesarean-scar.jpg"Post Cesarean Scar Apron" is the term coined by Dr. Marco Pelosi II in reference to the sometimes thickened and retracted scar that occurs following a cesarean section.  

The scar typically unnaturally retracts the skin in and leaves a fold of abdominal tissue to fall over the scar like an “apron”. This occurs secondary to breaks in the fascial repair of the Cesarean scar and fat herniations through the fascia breaks. Fibrosis or scarring in this area results in the “sunken in appearance” of the scar.

Repair of a Post C-Section Scar and Removing the "Apron"

Breaking up the fascia scaring underneath the skin can allow resolution of the “sunken appearance” and return of flattening of the lower abdomen.